About Us

Our Products, Our Process

We proudly offer Desert honey, Raw honey, Honey sticks, and infused honey!  Arizona Bee pollen is also a local favorite!

We package all our products by hand and inspect every item to fulfill a promise of quality.  Every product is all natural and made with organic ingredients when possible.

Folks in Southern Arizona can always stop in our store and purchase the fine foods we offer.  Those who are more distant may purchase online and have them shipped! 

Our Mission

Serving Arizona for over 30 years!

Our passion for honey started out with a borrowed honey warmer, a truck, and a few buckets of local honey!  That small operation grew slowly as partnerships and distributors began to get a taste of what pure, unaltered, local honey was all about. 

Our mission is to provide our customers and community with the highest quality foods from the Sonoran Desert and beyond.  We use only all natural, pure ingredients and never alter what nature has provided.  

Thank you for supporting our family owned business!

Michael Elton, Owner

Our Story

It began in 1979 when a local bee keeper named Malcolm Schmerl had a good honey harvest.  He set out to sell the drums of honey, but soon found out that all the other bee keepers had good years too!  

Malcolm decided to purchase a pickup truck load of glass jars in Phoenix and package his honey.  He began to peddle the honey around Tucson.  This went very well and soon he was getting call backs for more honey.

As the word spread around Tucson, the demand began to grow and Malcolm began buying honey from other bee keepers to fill the orders.  

Soon large grocery chains were calling to add his honey to their shelves... in 1982 Malcolm's Honey Company was born!

Today, Sonoran Desert Natural Products manufactures products under multiple brands, but will never forget our roots as a home-grown, Arizona business.